Woman Just Added To Group Chat Meticulously Clicking Through Every Member’s WhatsApp Profile Photo

NEW YORK, NY — After getting added to a new WhatsApp group, local grad student Shayna Deutsch spent over seven minutes carefully clicking on the profile pictures of every single member of the group chat.

The group, made for a friend’s upcoming birthday party, featured over a dozen phone numbers unregistered in Deutsch’s contacts. 

“I don’t want to say that I was flash-judging each person’s character solely based on their profile photo and bio,” said Deutsch while scrutinizing the picture of a girl in the chat, “but it does say a lot about you – like maybe you have an older sibling who was recently married, or maybe you have an older sibling who recently had a child,.”

At press time, Deutsch was searching through her gallery for a replacement for her current photo, a picture of her on a rooftop at sunset during her gap year in Israel.

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