Brave Student Changes Phone To Military Time In Solidarity With Boyfriend In IDF

CHESTNUT HILL, MA — In a heroic show of support for her boyfriend fighting in the Israeli Defense Forces, Boston College freshman Monica Feldman changed her phone’s clock to 24-hour military time this past week.

Feldman met her boyfriend Natan Bitton during her year studying in Israel. They dated for four months before Bitton enlisted in the IDF, where he now bravely serves his country as a military base tour guide.

“The time difference is really challenging, but I don’t care,” said Feldman, whose gallant feat drew the attention of IDF officials and news media worldwide. “This way, everytime I check my phone and get confused and then have to do the quick math to find out what time it is, I think of him.”

“To tell you the truth,” said Bitton, “I never really changed my own phone’s clock. That shit confuses me.”

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