Hillel Member Posts infographic to Instagram Story, Solves Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

CHICAGO, IL — Palestinians and Jews around the world have breathed a sigh of relief and begun mass celebrations as an infographic shared by University of Chicago Hillel treasurer Josh Goldfarb has finally put an end to the decades-long conflict between Israel and Palestine. 

Since being posted last Thursday, the graphic, which depicted the colorful silhouettes of an Israeli soldier and an Arab man shaking hands over the word PEACE, has garnered over 40 likes. 

“I think the image really captures how we all feel about the issue,” said Goldfarb during his Nobel prize acceptance speech. “The imagery is really powerful. The soldier represents Israel and the Arab represents Palestine, I think. They are shaking hands with each other because they like each other and it says ‘peace’ under it because that’s what it is that they are shaking their hands about.” 

Later that Thursday evening, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced his plans to withdraw from disputed territories, citing Goldfarb’s post as inspiration. Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas similarly declared Palestine’s official recognition of the State of Israel. Since then, the two have drafted a historic plan to peacefully merge the two territories.

“I, eh, was not so sure about the, eh, picture,” Netanyahu said in a press conference. “But when I saw that it said the word ‘peace’ in all caps, it, eh, really — how you say? — hit home for me.”

“Yes,” said Abbas.

As of yet, Goldfarb has no serious plans to make aliyah. 

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