Jewish Day School Career Day Invites Non-Lawyers and Non-Doctors for First Time

NEW YORK, NY — Pluralistic Jewish elementary school Kehilat Neshama is giving a new twist to career day this year, with their controversial decision to invite people from professions outside of law and medicine. 

The innovative volte-face, announced by the administration in a school-wide email on Monday, has been welcomed by some parents with children pursuing alternative career paths, such as PTA vice president Donna Sternberg. “There has always been discrimination towards my son Michael just because he prefers accounting over medical school,” said Mrs. Sternberg about her seven year old son. “Frankly, I’m overjoyed that the incompetent administration has finally done something right. And all it took was a little threat to pull my yearly donation.”

Other parents were appalled by the shocking policy reversal, and described the push for inclusion as traitorous. Community pediatrician Dr. Oren Rosenberg petitioned the school’s administration to reverse course before it’s too late. “Once these poor kids find out that other career options are available to them, what’s going to stop them from wanting to do something ‘fulfilling’ and ‘meaningful’ that brings in less than a seven-figure salary? I haven’t paid millions of tuition dollars for my daughter to get a liberal arts degree.”

At press time, the school board refused to take questions from anyone who had not contributed to the school the requisite $100,000 to make the diamond-donor list.

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