Forget Apples and Honey: Make Your New Year Even Sweeter by Educating Yourself on the Iraq War

We’re all familiar with the age-old tradition of dipping our apples into honey to welcome in a “sweet new year” every Rosh HaShana – and by age-old, we mean aged and old. Boring! If you’re looking for a little spice, you could try pairing your sweet treats with a sharp cheddar and maybe a 2019 Château de Nalys White, but to really kick off the new year with some verve, why not educate yourself on the United States’ effort to supplant Iraqi President Saddam Hussein and his authoritarian government that lasted from 2003-2011? 

For example: did you know that Bush and top officials in his administration claimed over 500 times between 2001-2002 that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction in his possession, despite that claim being a verifiably false statement? Wow! That’s a blast

Another fun fact! Did you know that the oil company Halliburton, which profited close to $40 billion in federal contracts relating to the Iraq War, was previously run by then-Vice President Dick Cheney! He still had over 400,000 stock options in Halliburton and was receiving a salary from them while simultaneously insisting we invade a sovereign country that has no connection to al-Qaeda, despite his repeated claims. You can illustrate this point by using a round Challah to represent the endless cycle of power-hungry profiteering by a ruling class of morally corrupt billionaires who bankroll spineless politicians that keep them in power and safe from the laws of a broken system!

Apples and honey may be a sweet treat, but the joy of coming to an understanding that our nation’s major political figures blatantly and repeatedly lied to the American public for their own personal financial gain is even sweeter – and either way will get your new year started with a delectable kick.This is the year to put aside the pomegranate that represents fertility and pick up a spreadsheet of facts about war crimes like the Nisour Square Massacre, whose perpetrators currently walk free after being pardoned under the Trump administration. 

And hey! In case you’re feeling like you may need a little boost to make it all the way through the Yom Kippur fast, make sure to pick up some of the damning evidence of crimes against god and humanity committed by American forces in Abu Ghraib — you’ll be sure to lose your appetite! 

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