Report: Trader Joe’s Employee Doesn’t Know What ‘Choomus’ Is 

WOODMERE, NY — Confusion ensued at the Trader Joe’s branch in Woodmere late Wednesday evening when employee Olivia Walker claimed to not understand customer Brocha Perlstein’s request for so-called “choomus”. 

“I honestly thought that Trader Joe’s was a Jewish store,” said Perlstein, who recently returned from her year in Israel at Midreshet Moriah. “I mean, these are the masterminds behind the Everything But The Bagel spice, and it’s just a bunch of gentiles? I guess I should have figured it out by how friendly they are.”

The debacle has shocked members of the popular Kosher Trader Joe’s Facebook group.

“Unfortunately, this is a very common issue,” said Sylvia Koppel, administrator of the Facebook community. “Antisemitic incidents like this happen all the time. Haven’t you ever noticed there’s a Trader José but no Trader Yosef?”

At press time, Perlstein was witnessed wandering Target asking employees where she could find some techina. 

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