Impressive: Birthright Attendee Beats Odds, Drowns In Dead Sea

EIN GEDI, ISRAEL — Shattering a historic glass ceiling, 20-year-old Birthright attendee Sarah Shapiro became the first person to drown in the Dead Sea last Thursday morning, baffling authorities and her fellow bus-mates alike. 

“Considering this is the one body of water that doesn’t require prior swimming experience, I have to say I’m pretty impressed,” said bus director Jacob Kuperman at the funeral. “This is my first time as director, so it’s pretty exciting to be featured on the news. Hi Mom!”

When reached for comment, Shapiro’s parents said they were, “completely devastated over the terrible accident, yet proud that our daughter could become such a leader. She had dropped out of college during the pandemic and was living at home, so let’s just say we’re pretty surprised she managed to accomplish anything at all.”

At press time, Shapiro’s parents were in the process of reaching out to The Guinness Book of World Records.

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