Top 5 Lasagnas Leftover In Your Fridge After Over-Preparing For Shavuot

A two-day chag AND a Shabbat, back to back, and yet you still knocked it out of the park. This Shavuot, you simply outdid yourself with an impressive array of dairy-forward meals. And it wouldn’t be Shavuot if you didn’t drastically overestimate the amount of lasagnas you would need. Here are our picks for the top 5 lasagnas left after your week-long preparation marathon!

  1. The Classic 

Savory layers of noodles, marinara sauce, and ricotta. Somehow it came out of the oven already freezer-burnt. A staple food. 

  1. The Beyond Lasagna 

This one was made with a couple of layers of ground Beyond meat and it cost $32 to make. You enjoyed the idea of being a bit sacrilegious. You asked everyone to eat this one first because you worked so hard on it, joking and not-joking. 

  1. The Classic Part II

No shame in making two of the same lasagnas. Well, three, actually, but one was eaten already. You really love this recipe don’t you? You make it for Shavuot, Hanukkah, Rosh Hashanah, shivas, Bat Mitzvahs, Bar Mitzvahs, Shabbat dinners, circumcisions-

  1. The Keto Lasagna

I don’t know if this abomination can even be considered a lasagna. It’s basically a pile of raw zucchini and whole tomatoes with some mozzarella on top. You found this recipe in a magazine for white ladies and noticed a lot of it was scraped into the garbage disposal while cleaning plates. 

  1. The Dairy-Free Lasagna

Why you made a dairy-free lasagna for Shavuot remains a mystery. Especially because nobody in the family is even lactose-intolerant. 

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