Bar Mitzvah Theme Makes Area Kid Seem Way More into Basketball than He Really Is

MIAMI, FL — When guests walked past the life-size cutout of LeBron James welcoming them to “Ryan’s Home Court” at the Hilton last Saturday night for Ryan Glazer’s bar mitzvah party, then passed under an arch made of basketball balloons and into a ballroom full of tables with centerpieces made of light up hoops whose backboards said “RYAN”, the message was clear – this kid is way more into basketball than they remembered.

Throughout the night, guests dined on paper plates with the Miami Heat logo and received Heat-themed jerseys that said “RYAN” on the back. Guests could take pictures at the photobooth, posing with backgrounds of Dwayne Wade, Chris Bosh, and Jimmy Butler. And they could write messages on the frame of a poster-sized picture of Ryan standing in the middle of the American Airlines Arena court. 

Ryan’s mother Paulina Glazer reported that her son is an avid basketball player, to which Ryan responded, “Yeah, I’m on a team at the JCC, but I don’t think I’ll keep playing in high school or anything.”

When asked who his favorite player is, Ryan replied, “Oh I don’t really watch the games that much. I guess… Babe Ruth? Honestly, when the party planner asked me what I like to do, I thought my mom would roll her eyes if I said Fortnite, so I just kinda said basketball. It’s fine, I guess.”

At the end of the night, Ryan was seen throwing his branded basketballs through the centerpieces with his younger sister, Sophia. She scored considerably higher than he did.

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