The Perks of Being the Only Jew in Your Friend Group

Yes, there are plenty of us who do not live in Jew-heavy areas – and quite often we end up the only Jew in our little group of friends. While we are often misunderstood, misrepresented, or flaunted for diversity, it’s not all bad! Here are some of the best parts of being the only Jew in your friend group.

1. We get WAY more holidays than everyone else

Want to get out of a boring activity? Feel like celebrating something for no reason? Throw out some random holiday, or hell, just make up your own. What the fuck are they going to do, check you on it? Yeah, right. Throw those holidays around like there’s no tomorrow, because tomorrow probably is one anyways.

2. You get first dibs on all the Jewish celebritie

Oh, you’re watching Saturday Night Live reruns and two of you are in love with Andy Samberg? Get outta here goy, this Jew boy is all mine! There are plenty of Jewish celebrities that we would all like to marry and, lucky for me, if it’s between me and any other member of my friend group, I win!

3. It’s honestly a little mysterious

Nobody really knows what the hell Judaism is about, so you’re kind of like an enigma. One entire part of your life seems like a li’l secret society and only you are able to share the secrets – if they know what to ask.

4. You get all the Jewish jokes on television 

Nothing feels as rewarding as laughing at all of Schmidt’s obscure Jewish jokes in New Girl. It’s like you and Max Greenfield have an inside joke. 

5. You get to teach your friends about Judaism

Yeah, yeah, you can explain the basics like Shabbat and keeping Kosher, but you also get to throw in the shit that sounds absolutely fake like a clay monster with magic Hebrew writing on it or a holiday where you all dress up, get drunk, and heckle a storyteller.

6. They love Jewish foods

A lot of your non-Jewish friends really like Jewish foods like Challah or Babka. It gives you an excuse to splurge on some treats. I made challah from scratch with my non-Jewish friend because she wanted to and that shit slapped. Thanks, Shelby!

7. You don’t get judged for not fully observing a holiday

So what if I watched the Hannah Montana Miley Cyrus Best of Both Worlds Concert Tour instead of live-streaming Yom Kippur services this year, my friends don’t care. They’re just impressed that I fasted. In their eyes I am a good Jew.  Plus we got Olive Garden for dinner. Honestly it was a pretty good Yom Kippur.

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