Report: Tzedakah Box At Kosher Restaurant Has Not Been Emptied For Full Decade

CROWN HEIGHTS, NY — Sources confirmed on Monday that the tzedakah box on the counter of BBQ Mo’s Kosher Beefhouse has not been emptied since the restaurant’s inception 10 years ago. 

“Oh, that thing?” said BBQ Mo’s manager Avraham Singer. “To be honest, I never really noticed we had that.” 

Other employees reported similar indifference. “I mean, I’ve certainly never checked how much is in there,” stated long-time employee and high school sophomore Chaim Blum. “It’s been there forever though, so it’s probably accumulated at least a few hundred by now.” 

According to reports, the small cylindrical container, which features a photo of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, has collected over 89 cents to date. Further research has concluded that the “Moshiach Hotline” advertised at the bottom has been called twice.

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