Business Owner In Rural Town Hoping Summer Profits Will Last Until Local Jewish Camp Reopens Next Year

STARLIGHT, PA — In the wake of a summer of unprecedented profits, local gift shop and general store owner Frank Hoddard has been left to wonder if his business will survive until the neighboring Jewish camp opens up next year.

Hoddard’s store, The Goose’s Egg, sold a historic number of flannel shirts and patterned fluffy socks over the past two months. Additionally their glow stick, thermos, and bucket hat sales were through the roof. The most astonishing pattern, according to Hoddard, was the twice-weekly sharp increase in sales of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, beef jerky, and beers, likely due to staff members stocking up on items forbidden at camp when they took their days off.

“Business was booming this summer, especially with those counselors coming in on their days off,” Hondard explained, “which is weird because I definitely heard through the grapevine that their camp was requiring them to stay inside their COVID bubble this year.”

“We’re not complaining,” Hoddard’s wife Alice elaborated. “With their visits, not to mention the groups of campers who sneak out at night at the end of every session to come buy ice cream sandwiches, we hopefully made enough this summer to survive through the next ten months of maybe three customers a day.”

Hondard plans to add a mezuzah to his door to show his appreciation. But only when he’s totally sure no locals are looking.

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