Top 5 Israeli Foods We Hope Never Make It To America

1. Pizza Spice 

Perhaps the issue really lies in the quality of Israeli pizza, but the spice just makes it worse. It tastes like sucking on ten pizza pringles at once, which became less fun after the incident at my 10th birthday party. 

2. Israeli Grape Juice 

It’s just grapes and sugar, how could they mess it up so terribly? You can almost taste the mud from the underpaid children’s feet that crushed the grapes. 

3. The Tap Water 

Enough said. 

4. Israeli Gefilte fish 

Let’s be real, gefilte fish is already pretty bad so the fact that Israeli gefilte fish manages to be even worse is impressive. Stay the fuck away from America. 

5. Couscous 

Why would you ever choose this when you could have rice or pasta? Easily one of the most pointless foods to come out of Israel.

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