Top Four Sons

  1. The Simple Son

He’s chill, he’s relaxed, he’s laid back – nothing but good vibes and positive energy. Sure, he can be a little dumb, but who doesn’t love an uncomplicated himbo?

2. The Wicked Son

C’mon, don’t let the name mislead you, the Wicked Son isn’t a bad guy. He just has a taste for danger so when you need a little adventure in your life, this bad boy is where it’s at. 

3. The Wise Son

He’s honestly such a tool. “Wise” my ass, he just spits back Ben Shapiro talking points and quotes Neil Degrasse Tyson’s tweets. He’s a pedantic debate bro who can’t wait to tell you why Andrew Yang is the future – hard pass. 

4. The Son Who Doesn’t Know How To Ask

Consent is key. Huge red flag. 

3rd feature image via Deposit Photos.

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