Not Again: Teaneck Mom Swears This The Year She Makes Aliyah

TEANECK, NJ — Wiping away tears after an hour of watching the Kotel live stream, Chana Berman, active member of the Frisch PTA, swore that this would be the year she finally moves to Israel. 

“Sure I said the same thing last year too, but then Jared needed oral surgery and I really wanted to redo my bathroom — you know how it is,” said Berman, when asked why she hadn’t made the move yet. “And the year before that we visited Israel for my nephew’s Bar Mitzvah so we’d already been there that year. But this year I swear I’ll do it. B’li Neder, of course.”

Berman’s eldest daughter, Anna, who recently made Aliyah, was annoyed by her mother’s plans. 

“I moved to Israel to get away from her,” she said. “I don’t care if none of my mom’s mitzvot count in exile, stay there and sin for all I care.”

Berman was reportedly seen spending two hours on hold with Nefesh B’Nefesh before hanging up out of frustration.

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