Win for Zionism on Campus: This American Birthright Participant Just Hooked Up with an IDF Soldier

These days, college campuses can often be filled with anti-Israel propaganda, and students end up hiding their opinions just because of the pressure they feel to fit in with the crowd. But all that might change thanks to a stunning display of Zionist pride by UC Berkeley chem major Molly Segel and her Birthright guide, IDF Air Force Technician Noam Ohayon.

As part of Taglit-Birthright’s soldier sponsorship program, Noam recently joined one of Mayanot’s summer trips with students from UC Berkeley. After an emotional tour of Har Herzl, Noam reportedly opened up to Molly. The two then hooked up several times over the course of the next few days, in locations ranging from youth hostel bunk beds to the bathrooms in the lobby of a hotel during a kosher breakfast buffet. This marks a huge tide-turner for young Zionists everywhere! 

According to posts on Molly’s Instagram from just a few months ago, she was still “on the fence” about the whole Israel issue. But in a recent post with Noam, she wrote that she was “so proud of [Noam] for protecting our homeland.” Good stuff, Noam! Way to go!

If only we could send hunky soldiers to college campuses all across the U.S. They could meet impressionable students whose worldviews are still developing and make their irrigation systems drip, if you catch our drift. Now that would change some minds!

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