Instagram Activist Calls Out Non-Jewish Friends Who Posted for Earth Day and Not Tu Bishvat

HYDE PARK, IL — Avid social activist Julie Bloomfeld was shocked to see the slew of Earth Day posts on her non-Jewish friend’s Instagram stories, when not a single one of them said a word about Tu Bishvat only a few months ago.

“Earth Day is basically just a knock-off Tu Bishvat,” said Bloomfeld. “I just don’t get how they can call themselves activists but won’t acknowledge how great Israel is for planting some trees in the desert one time.”

Bloomfeld has been known to post at least 5 stories a day, all of them various aesthetically pleasing graphics about hot button issues. 

“I mean, I post about BLM all the time. The least they could do is say happy birthday to the trees. It’s not like I’m asking them to eat all shevah minim,” said Bloomfeld while aggressively clicking through stories, not even looking up from her phone. 

Further investigation into Bloomfeld’s account revealed that she only had three non-Jewish friends.

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