Close Call: Campus Jewish Organization Added To University Diversity Meeting At Last Second

DAVIDSON, NC — Davidson College Hillel, the only non-Christian religious group on campus, breathed a sigh of relief last Tuesday when they received an email inviting them to participate in the university’s monthly diversity committee meetings. 

“We knew they were having these meetings,” said Hillel president Jonathan Weitz on a celebratory walk around campus, “and we’ve been wondering if they were going to invite us. I mean, there are like five Jews here – I’m pretty sure we qualify as an on-campus minority group.” 

Hillel treasurer Talia Blau was in the middle of her Kappa Alpha Theta movie night when she heard the news. “I really think it’s a huge step for Jews across the country!” said the sorority sister while drizzling lo-cal white chocolate sauce on a bowl of popcorn. “Sure, it’s not like we really experience any discrimination or disadvantages – especially in higher academic settings – but still, it’s nice to be included. Plus, you know, it won’t look half bad on my grad school application, but that’s not– I mean, we didn’t just do it for– this is off the record, right?”

When asked how the first meeting went, Weitz explained that the committee chair must have forgotten to send the details regarding the first gathering, but that he was hopeful to participate in all future discussions from here on out.

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