Local Non-Jew Wondering Why Her Roommate Keeps Complaining About the Temperature While Making Direct Eye Contact Every Saturday

ANN ARBOR, MI — University of Michigan freshman Savannah Waterford is unsure about why her roommate Yael Berger keeps complaining about the temperature every Saturday until sundown while making awkward eye contact.

“That’s not the only thing she does,” Waterford said. “It seems like every Friday night, she gets into bed with the lights on, waits about 10 minutes, and makes passive-aggressive comments about how bright the room is.”

“It’s a bit of a tricky situation,” said Berger, “but I started doing this clever little thing where I won’t directly say what I want, but I’ll just insinuate it. I don’t think she’s noticed.”

When asked if she has tried to explain the concept of Shabbat to her roommate, Berger responded, “nah, it hasn’t really come up.”

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