University BDS Chapter Disbanded After Realizing Fauda Has English Subtitles

Berkeley, CA — Local graduate student Olivia Lowell has stepped back from her leading role in UC Berkeley’s BDS organization after learning that the hit Israeli TV show “Fauda” comes with English subtitles on Netflix.

“It just seemed so unfair to me,” Lowell reportedly said, “that Israel had this supposedly amazing show, but they were hoarding it for their own people to watch and no one else could benefit from it. What was I supposed to do? Take Hebrew 101 and hope for the best? But now that I know there are actually English subtitles, I realize that Israel actually does care about people other than its own citizens, and my own frustration and personal biases were clouding my judgment.”

“The situation in the Middle East is much more nuanced than I previously thought,” Lowell explained to her 6000 Instagram followers. “Israel may be struggling, but it is trying its best to make the world a better place, and I hear Shtisel is great too.”

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