Stoner Regrets Getting High On Passover, Only Has Hillel Sandwich To Satisfy Munchies

BROOKLYN, NY – Forgoing the four cups of wine and opting instead for a fat joint, local publicist and social media manager David Fischman found himself at the end of Had Gadya with an incessant case of the munchies. 

“So I’m holding my joint in one hand while the other is halfway through dialing the pizza place, when I remembered that it’s Passover,” Fischman explained. “I figured if the sandwich worked for Hillel when he was starving his way through Maggid, it could work for me too,” 

Fischman’s parents reportedly woke up the next day to find the contents of their cabinets sprawled all over the kitchen. 

“It was clear no Passover snack was good enough for him, not even those coconut-covered marshmallows,” Fischman’s father, Moshe, stated. 

At press time Fischman was seen praying for the Korban Pesach to be brought back so that he could add some succulent lamb meat to his sandwich. 

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