Carbon Dioxide Loses Hechsher, SodaStream Stocks Plummet

KEFAR SAVA, ISRAEL —  SodaStream International Ltd took a hit this week when the Orthodox Union reported that it will no longer certify carbon dioxide. The company spokesman Rabbi Ari Schwartzman held a press conference to explain the decision,  “It breaks my heart to inform you that Carbon Dioxide will no longer bear kosher certificationContinue reading “Carbon Dioxide Loses Hechsher, SodaStream Stocks Plummet”

Opinion: Inventing the Cherry Tomato Doesn’t Excuse Israel’s Actions

I am a proud Zionist, and there are many things that make me proud of my home nation – so when I hear people on campus discussing Israel, I am quick to respond with the many ways that Israel has actually made the world a better place: Waze, USB drives, drip irrigation, and so muchContinue reading “Opinion: Inventing the Cherry Tomato Doesn’t Excuse Israel’s Actions”