Yad Vashem’s First Annual Fun Run Canceled, For Obvious Reasons

JERUSALEM, IL — In a last-minute press release, Yad Vashem has cancelled it’s first annual Yom HaZikaron fun run, citing “obvious reasons.”

“We’re surprised the planning process got this far,” a Yad Vashem representative said, preferring to stay anonymous to avoid being connected to this event in any way. “A fun run? On Yom HaZikaron? Not only is it tactless and inappropriate, but the runners would have to stop somewhere in the middle for the siren.”

Dozens of tone deaf athletes were devastated to hear the news. “I was really looking forward to the run,” said Natanel Mendelsohn. “And I know they were tasteless and insensitive, but I liked the striped jerseys.” 

“We probably could have thought it through a little further,” said Chana Liebowitz, head of the event task force. A press release since these statements has disclosed that Liebowitz was let go from the event team for planning “a fun run that just didn’t seem all that fun.”

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