5 Manischewitz Cocktails To Make Havdalah Havda-lit

Hosting havdalah can be absolutely nerve-wracking. Preparing food and drinks is one thing, not to mention the inevitable judgement that comes with being in any group of Jews – but worry no more! Here are 5 Manischewitz cocktails that will impress even the pickiest of drinkers!

  1. Jello Shots: You can’t go wrong with a party platter full of Jello-shots! Mix grape jello with your trusty Manischewitz, add enough vodka to make up for the Manischewitz’s low alcohol content, pour it all into little plastic cups, and refrigerate. If you don’t know how to eat a Jello-shot, all you have to do is close your eyes, suck, and ignore the foul taste. Just pretend you’re on a shabbos walk!
  1. Wine Spritzer: If you’re having a bunch of white women over for havdalah, this drink is sure to be a hit! A simple cocktail to make, just mix together some Maneschewitz and club soda. Mmm, sounds… so good!
  1. Sangria: Nothing says hangover like a big-ass pitcher of sangria! Take a big bottle of Maneschewitz, rum, and orange juice, and mix it all together in a pitcher with some sliced oranges, some apples, and whatever other type of fruit you want. Make sure to add a lot of ice, because warm Maneschewitz is the devil’s iced tea!
  1. PJ: Known to many college kids as Party Juice, Purple Jesus, or sometimes Jungle Juice, this easy drink is a staple at frat parties and can be made in huge quantities. Just mix Manischewitz with your favorite juices like Hawaiian Punch and Sunny-D, and add a whole buttload of vodka. Think of it like a trashy, cheap sangria. Perks of this drink include not being able to taste the alcohol and not being able to taste the Manischewitz.
  1. Tequila: It’s going to taste like landfill runoff either way, so ditch the grape juice entirely and just start chugging straight from the bottle. (This is the author’s personal favorite.) 

Enric Teller, CC BY-NC-SA 2.0, with modifications

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