How to Get Your Club Penguin Igloo Ready for Passover

Passover is coming up and you just cleansed your house of chametz, but now you need to do the same for your penguin in Club Penguin. Here are some helpful hints to get your igloo ready for Pesach!

1. Get rid of the obvious chametz

Take that table full of treats and change it back to a plain table. You can use this to seat your seder guests if you host the first or second night at your igloo!

If you don’t eat kitniyot, make sure your garden is changed from corn to another crop. Grow some tomatoes to make your own tomato sauce for matzah pizza!

If you can’t change it, put it in storage until after the yontif. Yes, it is a little sad saying goodbye to the virtual cookies for 8 days, but you can imagine some nice macaroons or Passover brownies! 

2. Have ample seating

Make sure that if you host seder in your igloo that you have plenty of seats! Don’t worry, the chairs don’t have to match, and neither do the tables! 

3. Make sure the kids’ table is far away from the adults’ table

Don’t forget to include a table for the kids! You’re going to want to make sure the kids table is plenty far away from the adults table so their speech bubbles won’t get in the way of the adult conversation the rest of you will be having. The seating arrangement here can just be thrown together, you don’t even need real chairs.

4. Prepare for the meal

If there’s one thing Jews love, it’s eating! Make sure you’re ready to tell the other penguins at your seder what dinner they should imagine. To really impress your guests, let them know the gefilte fish was made from fish you caught yourself from your ice fishing hole! 

5. Add some flare to your igloo

Once your basic igloo set-up is finished, add some igloo decorations! Hanging lights and a lit fire always add a nice ambiance. Other penguins will love to meet your puffles! Throw in some artwork or antiques for a nice talking piece during the tour of your igloo.

Hosting a seder can be stressful, but by planning ahead and inviting your friends, you’re guaranteed an unforgettable Passover that will have Elijah booking it back to your igloo every year! 

Feature image via Disney Canada Inc., CC BY-SA 4.0 <;, via Wikimedia Commons Eczebulun, CC BY-SA 3.0 <;, via Wikimedia Commons

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