Bad News: Passover is Basically Tomorrow

Yes, it’s technically still February, but if you aren’t already getting prepped for Passover, you’re in a whole mess of trouble. Obviously I hope you had a nice Purim and Shabbat, but let’s be real—Purim was a million years ago, before we started Pesach-cleaning… oh, you haven’t started yet? Oh, honey. Oh no. Please don’tContinue reading “Bad News: Passover is Basically Tomorrow”

How to Get Your Club Penguin Igloo Ready for Passover

Take that table full of treats and change it back to a plain table. You can use this to seat your seder guests if you host the first or second night at your igloo! If you don’t eat kitniyot, make sure your garden is changed from corn to another crop. Grow some tomatoes to makeContinue reading “How to Get Your Club Penguin Igloo Ready for Passover”