Changing The Game: Visionary High Schooler Starts Tznius Fashion Instagram

TEANECK, NJ — It’s hard to believe that Bat Tzion Steinhardt, or as she’s known online, @btzn.modestfash, debuted her new modest fashion Instagram blog only a few days ago. Steinhardt is the newest in a long line of high schoolers, many now alumni, who have overcome the complex ins and outs of dress codes to find fashionable – yet modest – outfits. 

In the mere days since the account was activated, Steinhardt has amassed a total of 223 followers. Instagram analytics show that the fan base is composed of an amalgamation of her high school, camp, and Snapchat friends. 

“I want to show the world that a dress code doesn’t have to define you,” said Steinhardt. “All those girls that have made seemingly identical accounts before me walked so I could run. I mean, it’s only been a few days and I already have over 200 followers. My blog isn’t like the others: it’s art.”

Steinhardt’s most popular post features a picture of her from the neck down, wearing a baby blue sweater, bodycon maxi shirt, and white Adidas sneakers. The caption reads “@Zara pls sponsor me!! 😛 #ModestFashion #Tznius #OOTD” – just one example of subtle marketing techniques employed by an internet-savvy fashion protege. The post garnered over 20 likes at time of publication.

It is too early to tell whether or not Steinhardt will achieve any success, but experts project that she’ll probably just ditch the account and go off the derech as soon as she hits secular college anyway. 

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