Students Baffled By Non-Jewish Teacher Saying “Shabbat Shalom”

MIAMI, FL — Students at Miami Hebrew Academy were shocked to their core this Friday morning when physics teacher Christine Harlan bid them “Shabbat Shalom.” Junior Ahuva  Wexler said she felt “caught super off guard” at the fact that her teacher knew words in their secret language. Her classmate Evan Rosenthal said, “Most of ourContinue reading “Students Baffled By Non-Jewish Teacher Saying “Shabbat Shalom””

Changing The Game: Visionary High Schooler Starts Tznius Fashion Instagram

TEANECK, NJ — It’s hard to believe that Bat Tzion Steinhardt, or as she’s known online, @btzn.modestfash, debuted her new modest fashion Instagram blog only a few days ago. Steinhardt is the newest in a long line of high schoolers, many now alumni, who have overcome the complex ins and outs of dress codes toContinue reading “Changing The Game: Visionary High Schooler Starts Tznius Fashion Instagram”

Area Kid Went on Gap Year; We Get It

BALTIMORE, MD — The greater Baltimore Jewish community is well aware that Jonah Reitman spent the last year in Israel. Since Reitman, age 19, returned from his 9-month journey in Israel, he has brought it up many times.  A week after arriving back in the United States, he attended synagogue wearing a kippah he boughtContinue reading “Area Kid Went on Gap Year; We Get It”

Opinion: Stop Talking About Your Camp

Enough already.  Just because we’re both Jewish, it doesn’t mean I want to hear about your “life-changing” past Jewish experiences all the time. People have to stop talking about their camps and youth groups (unless they are the same ones I went to). Seriously, we are in college. We’re adults, and high school is aContinue reading “Opinion: Stop Talking About Your Camp”