Fashion Emergency: Entire Community Spotted Wearing White After Labor Day

LOS ANGELES, CA — At 8 p.m. on Wednesday, in a bombshell move that sent shockwaves throughout the California fashion scene, hundreds – if not thousands – of families were seen walking through the Pico-Robertson area wearing all white, merely a week and a half after labor day.

Fashion critic Angelica Judd rushed to the scene after receiving calls of crisis. She was reportedly immediately overcome with rage, and on arriving screamed, “Repent for these horrible sins!” The people wearing white responded, “We’re trying!”

“Fashion is meant to be accessible,” said Judd while hyperventilating, “and perhaps the easiest law that we follow as we strive to create a fashionable society is not to wear white after Labor Day! When people stop following these simple rules, our world goes into chaos.”

When asked for comment, fellow fashion critic Jon Rochambeau stated “the worst part was that they were all walking down the street in formal dresses and New Balance sneakers,” and then burst into tears.

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