SHOCKING: Bar Mitzvah Speech Makes Sense?

PORTLAND, OR — Congregants at Temple Or Shalom were shocked this morning when bar mitzvah boy Daniel Haber’s speech was both coherent and interesting. Earlier that morning, the 13-year-old Daniel stumbled through his maftir and haftorah readings, which were barely audible to the friends and family who had traveled from around the country to beContinue reading “SHOCKING: Bar Mitzvah Speech Makes Sense?”

Yet Another Yeshiva Boys Choir Member Goes Missing After Reaching Puberty

NEW YORK, NY — Yeshiva Boys Choir lead singer Aharon Greenberg mysteriously vanished this week after reportedly discovering his first armpit hair, leading fans of the singing group to wonder what exactly happens to the Yeshiva Boys when they reach puberty. Aharon, age 12, has been singing with the Choir since he was five yearsContinue reading “Yet Another Yeshiva Boys Choir Member Goes Missing After Reaching Puberty”