Local Kid Won’t Stop Talking About NFTY, For Some Reason

CLEVELAND, OH — Classmates of local high school junior Jared Shuman continue to be shocked, annoyed, and almost impressed by the sheer amount of words that Shuman is able to say every single day about NFTY. Shuman, who serves as regional vice president of the Reform Jewish Youth Movement, has worn a different NFTY-related shirtContinue reading “Local Kid Won’t Stop Talking About NFTY, For Some Reason”

Opinion: Stop Talking About Your Camp

Enough already.  Just because we’re both Jewish, it doesn’t mean I want to hear about your “life-changing” past Jewish experiences all the time. People have to stop talking about their camps and youth groups (unless they are the same ones I went to). Seriously, we are in college. We’re adults, and high school is aContinue reading “Opinion: Stop Talking About Your Camp”