5 Famous Antisemites Who Were Probably Just Jealous

1. Pharaoh One of the earliest and most well-known antisemites, everyone knows Pharaoh was just envious of the Jews’ growth rate and threatened by their work ethic. Sorry, but that doesn’t really justify throwing babies in the Nile. Try seeing a therapist or journaling next time. 2. Henry Ford Most well known for distributing TheContinue reading “5 Famous Antisemites Who Were Probably Just Jealous”

Breaking: Passover Basically Tomorrow

Yes, it’s technically still February, but if you aren’t already getting prepped for Passover, you’re in a whole mess of trouble. Obviously I hope you had a nice Purim and Shabbat, but let’s be real—Purim was a million years ago, before we started Pesach-cleaning… oh, you haven’t started yet? Oh, honey. Oh no. Please don’tContinue reading “Breaking: Passover Basically Tomorrow”