Jews Win War On Christmas

NORTH POLE, ARCTIC OCEAN — Following a decisive military victory on Thursday the 23rd with the capture of Santa Claus, Jewish communities across the country are celebrating their triumph as they warmly welcome back veterans of the War on Christmas. After years of armed struggles, from the infamous Starbucks front to the dreadful Twitter tactics,Continue reading “Jews Win War On Christmas”

Top 5 Kosher Restaurants in Midwest City

1. The Pizza Place  Everyone loves a good, old-fashioned, traditional Midwest-style pizza! This Kosher restaurant sells a variation of that, which has been described by locals as “edible,” and even “not bad!”  Wow! Get it while it’s hot! They also inexplicably sell sushi — pizza’s cousin from the far east.  2. The Meat Place ThisContinue reading “Top 5 Kosher Restaurants in Midwest City”