Opinion: Inventing the Cherry Tomato Doesn’t Excuse Israel’s Actions

I am a proud Zionist, and there are many things that make me proud of my home nation – so when I hear people on campus discussing Israel, I am quick to respond with the many ways that Israel has actually made the world a better place: Waze, USB drives, drip irrigation, and so muchContinue reading “Opinion: Inventing the Cherry Tomato Doesn’t Excuse Israel’s Actions”

Opinion: Stop Talking About Your Camp

Enough already.  Just because we’re both Jewish, it doesn’t mean I want to hear about your “life-changing” past Jewish experiences all the time. People have to stop talking about their camps and youth groups (unless they are the same ones I went to). Seriously, we are in college. We’re adults, and high school is aContinue reading “Opinion: Stop Talking About Your Camp”

How to Fight Harmful Stereotypes with Poor Financial Decisions

You may be stuck with a larger-than-average nose and those awfully uncomfortable horns, but you don’t always have to be seen by goyim as the token Jew. Here are a few helpful tips on how you can get non-jews to think you’re just as frivolous as they are. 1. Buy into your cousin’s startup TelContinue reading “How to Fight Harmful Stereotypes with Poor Financial Decisions”

The Perks of Being the Only Jew in Your Friend Group

Yes, there are plenty of us who do not live in Jew-heavy areas – and quite often we end up the only Jew in our little group of friends. While we are often misunderstood, misrepresented, or flaunted for diversity, it’s not all bad! Here are some of the best parts of being the only JewContinue reading “The Perks of Being the Only Jew in Your Friend Group”

Top 5 Kosher Restaurants in Midwest City

1. The Pizza Place  Everyone loves a good, old-fashioned, traditional Midwest-style pizza! This Kosher restaurant sells a variation of that, which has been described by locals as “edible,” and even “not bad!”  Wow! Get it while it’s hot! They also inexplicably sell sushi — pizza’s cousin from the far east.  2. The Meat Place ThisContinue reading “Top 5 Kosher Restaurants in Midwest City”

Top 9 Jewish Drinking Holidays

1. Tu Bishvat Oh yeah! Jewish Arbor Day, get ready to party! Everyone knows Tu Bishvat as the top drinking holiday on the Jewish calendar. Wine is technically a fruit if you think about it, so bottoms up! 2. All the Fast Days  We’re counting the fast days throughout the year as just one holiday,Continue reading “Top 9 Jewish Drinking Holidays”

How to Get Your Club Penguin Igloo Ready for Passover

Passover is coming up and you just cleansed your house of chametz, but now you need to do the same for your penguin in Club Penguin. Here are some helpful hints to get your igloo ready for Pesach! 1. Get rid of the obvious chametz Take that table full of treats and change it backContinue reading “How to Get Your Club Penguin Igloo Ready for Passover”

How I Found Solidarity in My Friend Whose Name Was Also Too Jewish to be on a Magnet

My name is Liana, and I have never found my name on a magnet in a gift shop. Not a single bracelet, hat, snowglobe, or decorative license plate has ever been made for people with my name. I see ones for Lauren, Leah, Lily, and Leo, but never for Liana – although one time, IContinue reading “How I Found Solidarity in My Friend Whose Name Was Also Too Jewish to be on a Magnet”